When 2 friends started a record label on December 29 2015 they hadn't a clue
about how to run one. After having a hard struggle with Beatport, because
of someone uses the same name, they find out how you put tracks on
“YouTube and other stores". Much was learned by setbacks.

Over time, there was friction about how the company should develop and
how to deal with artists. After 18 months they decided not to continue together. 

With the experience gained, Future Global Records was founded by
K P Boomsma and B Boomsma on May 2017.

Using this slogan: “Music is our passion, how about you?” 

Soon a Label A & R Manager, Ataberk Sarikaya, being a great producer himself,
was presented for even more quality and strong feedback.
To help develop and present more (upcoming) talents to a worldwide audience
with “First Class” music.

By working with other labels, great graphic designers delivering high quality artwork, 
greater successes can be achieved.

Artists management, music events and DJ-contests will be organized later on. 

In the meantime on Facebook producers related to Future Global Records has started a group to offer help,
feedback or start collabs. 

Without the support of family, friends like * 2 MALIX, Rush & Crush, Diskode, HEINRICH, Martin Naumann,
and Peter Jan Rijpkema, it would have been impossible to start from scratch again on such short notice.

Reasonably fast the first release could take place by Danny Wylin   (formerly Danwin / WYNS) USA with his track "Like This".
HALL (2 brothers from UK) with "Charged" and recently Sjodin with "Quasar" from Sweden
also gave their trust to release on this new label. Artists from Australia (2 friends Sebaro & Fallen),
Turkey (Rush&Crush), Poland, USA, India and other countries will appear.

The music business is rapidly changing. The struggle of Soundcloud to survive  because
more people listen to streaming stores like Spotify instead of downloading music.
Even Facebook wants to play a role into providing music, but Future Global Records is prepared.

Managing a record label is fantastic, but it all starts with good music.

* taking a risk of forgetting names..