Q & A:

Why independent Record Labels still needed:

Artists want to feel like they're part of something bigger, part of a community. They need sometimes support as they are people first.

All independent labels more of the same:

What's great about independent labels is that they're all different from each other. Different in dealing with artists and the ultimate goal.
Future Global Records for example wants to gain more quality and develop (upcoming) artists
and wants to create a steady source of income for the employees.

How independent labels still can survive nowadays:

The only way they can survive is putting out the best possible music.
You have to be flexible, keep up with new platforms of distribution and marketing.

Why starting Future Global Records:

Music is our passion and with our gained knowledge, we can provide a good platform for (upcoming) artists.
We believe in our approach to bring artists together and develop them to the highest level.

Why not an artist management right at the start:

Managing artists is a great interesting activity, but it takes a lot of time to do the right thing.
All the energy went into re-launch the record label.

Why (Electronic) Dance Music:

That's very easy to answer. We love it, our founder, is also an EDM producer.

What would you like to achieve:

- The dream is seeing Future Global Records music performed at big clubs & festivals.
- Enjoy and participate in the journey to success of artists.
- Providing an exciting environment for the employees.