Future Global Records is a new and fast growing record label located at Harlingen,
the Netherlands.

It has its focus on (Electronic) Dance Music; hosts all kind of DJ’s,
vocalists & Producers and is engaged to multiple genres.

The purpose is bringing good quality music to the attention
of the worldwide audience, creating exposure to the artists
and build a steady Fan-Base.

To achieve this, Future Global Records uses modern ways of distribution.
Always looking for new possibilities and working with Well-known
Graphic Designers for superb Artwork.
In the near future Merchandise will be available.

Artists are people in the first place, that aspect is crucial for Future Global Records.
Helping to develop artists is one of the ways to show that aim.
Give them a feeling that they are not alone, form part of larger group,
the Future Global Records Family.

“If you want to create value for yourself, you have to create value for others”
(Budi Voogt)

At the DEMO DROP page artists can send their demo.
At the page ABOUT there is the story  why Future Global Records was founded.
At the page CONTACT there is more information to be found
for business inquiries and Label A&R Manager.

Slogan of Future Global Records.

“Music is our passion, how about you?"